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Video Editing Done Right

A story begins with capturing video footage, but the story only comes alive through the post-production process. Professional video editing can be time consuming, frustrating for beginners, and challenging without a creative vision. Garr Productions is second to none in the turfgrass management industry in helping you tell that story.

Bring yourstory to life

  • Seamless transitions

  • Titles

  • Visual fX

  • Music

  • Color correction

How Does Freelance Editing Work?

Every freelance editing project begins with a phone conversation with the client. We set goals together and outline the vision. The client uploads all the video footage to Dropbox. Garr Productions takes the footage and begins crafting the story guided by the client's goals. We work up a rough draft of the project for the client to approve. Then we move to finalize the project with visual fX, titles, and color correction. When client accepts final project, watermarks are removed and payment for services is due.

Timelapse of the editing process for the video featured above.

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